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To the Employers

Aviation Plus

Focus on your other Company’s Enormous Internal Tasks and let us strategically fulfill your specific Staffing Needs. We’ll provide you with your ideal Job Candidates: Temp, Temp to Perm, Perm [Contingency, Retained] Placements. You could also Post Jobs directly on the Website by clicking “Ad New” on the Menu.

To the Job Seekers

 Aviation Plus

There are Great Companies with Sound Jobs out there, ready to greet you into their doors. Our objective is to match your specific Skills with their specific Staffing Needs and get you through those doors. So, please register @ the Website link above, and email us your Resume (CV) at [email protected]. There’s no charge applied to you for this service; it’s totally free.

JAZZY STAR JOBS, LLC is committed to matching the skills of devoted, reliable, and qualified employees to great clients’ skill requests for jobs well done and stellar relationships, in order to achieve solid foundations for mutual satisfaction through the light of success.

Fiind Your Dream Job

Job Seeker

Your dream job is waiting for you somewhere, and I am committed to helping you find it.

Hire Skilled People


For you to have a profitable company, you must hire dedicated, hardworking,  reliable, and skilled employees. I am committed to providing you with people embodying those qualities and more.

How It All Works

it just takes only few minutes to post a job or apply for a job!


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Now Take A Rest

This is a professional looking Website, and its purpose is awesome. As you said: “Let’s go”!

Raynal Cherenfant
Great job Jhony; keep up the good work, and focus!

Sheila Merezil

The Aviation Industry

As an Aviation Professional who has worked as a Contractor, Part Time, Full Time, Temporary, Consultant and more, I am really versed on how this job environment works. I am calling the Aviation Industry “The International Job Search Resource of JAZZY STAR JOBS, LLC.”

This Job Site extends a special Welcome to the Aviation Professionals, Engineers and Technicians out there, seeking well-paid jobs locally, nationally, or abroad.  


A job well done with recognition has the potential to bring out the best in us. It also has the power to generate a stellar working environment and a solid partnership.

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