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My first placement with you is FREE OF CHARGE! And No Long Term Contract is necessary. You can email me at or

Please register, post jobs, and let me provide you with great qualified people. I know how busy you can be, running the day to day operations of your company. Well, you can reduce your workload, and concentrate on your daily work routine by letting me take care of the staffing task. Services include Temporary, Long-term, Tem-to-perm, and more in your particular industry sector.

To the Job Seeker:

It is important for you to know that you do NOT get charged for being placed on a job with a client. All you need to do is Register with me, e-mail me your Resume at or, and I’ll immediately contact you. If the job you’re seeking is not posted here, on the Website, go ahead and register anyway, and I’ll match your resume content to relevant clients’ jobs. My job is to Hunt the Jobs Down for you! Your job is to be ready to work!


JAZZY STAR JOBS is committed to matching the skills of devoted, reliable, and qualified employees to great clients’ skill requests for jobs well done and stellar relationships, in order to achieve solid foundations for mutual satisfaction through the light of success.

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For you to have a profitable company, you must hire dedicated, hardworking,  reliable, and skilled employees. I am committed to providing you with people embodying those qualities and more.

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The Aviation Industry

As an Aviation Professional who has worked as a Contractor, Part Time, Full Time, Temporary, Consultant and more, I am really versed on how this job environment works. I am calling the Aviation Industry “The International Job Search Resource of JAZZY STAR JOBS, LLC.”

This Job Site extends a special Welcome to the Aviation Professionals, Engineers and Technicians out there, seeking well-paid jobs locally, nationally, or abroad.  

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