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I am Jhony Cherenfant, Founder and Owner of JAZZY STAR JOBS, LLC (EIN: 82-2648152) , Aviation Professional graduated (Bachelor of Science in Professional Aeronautics) from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. I was inspired to embark on this journey by my own experience in a very dynamic job environment. The best job that I ever had was found for me by a Recruiting Agency to which I am very grateful. I also had the opportunity on various occasions over the years to recommend several dedicated Job-Seekers to some employers, and they have developed sound and rewarding relationships. So, I decided to be even more involved in this regard by opening “JAZZY STAR JOBS LLC”. The Key to Jobs of Various Disciplines.  So, Welcome!

My mission is to bring together Great Employers and dedicated, reliable, and qualified Job Seekers for jobs well done, in order to achieve solid foundations towards common goals.

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